Nature Of Complaints

Exchange provides assistance in case of the following:

  • Complaints which fall within the purview of the Exchange
  • Complaints relating to trades that are executed on the Exchange Platform
  • Complaints pertaining to commodity futures traded on the Exchange platform
  • Complaints in cases where no settlement could be reached between the trading member and the complainant for settlement of claims
  • Complaints in cases where the member has surrendered his membership and the complainant has approached the Exchange before expiry of the time mentioned in the public notice
  • Complaints against trading members on account of the following :
    1. Non- receipt of documents viz member client agreement, contract notes, settlement of accounts, order trade log etc.
    2. Non- refund of margin money
    3. Trades executed without adequate margins
    4. Delay /non – receipt of funds
    5. Squaring up of positions without consent
    6. Unauthorized transaction in the account
    7. Unauthorized transfer of funds from commodities account to other accounts

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