At MCX, CSR activities are viewed as ‘opportunities’. The potential opportunities that arise from CSR activities improve the welfare of the communities nurtured by us, while adding value to MCX’s business interests. This critical function goes beyond mere philanthropy, and promotes inclusion, the major plank of MCX’s business philosophy.

? 1,19,941 Crore

Highest Daily Turnover of MCX since inception


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Annual Report 2018-19


With GSK’s support, we the village farmers get to know future markets rates. This help farmer to grow financially and to be self sustained. We look up to GSK to cover all agri input services in future.
Shri Chanamalpa Sangapa - Savadi/RON/Gadag
I am getting price information on a daily basis; this helps me to understand which market can give the best rates for my crops. GSK helps farmers like me a lot. If this continues it will be helpful.
Shri Shivappa Bharamma Talwar - Hirehal/RON/Gadag

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