Senior Management Personnel

Mr. P. S. Reddy

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ajay Puri

Company Secretary and Compliance officer

Mr. Chittaranjan Rege

Head - Base Metals

Dr. Pareshnath Paul

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Praveen D G

Head – Corporate Office and Projects, Risk Officer

Mr. Rishi Nathany

Head - Business Development & Marketing

Mr. Sanjay Golecha

Chief Regulatory Officer

Mr. Shivanshu Mehta

Head - Bullion

Mr. V Shunmugam

Head – Research

? 1,19,941 Crore

Highest Daily Turnover of MCX since inception


Market Share in, FY2020 (till Dec)


Authorised Person (as on December 31st 2019)

Annual Report 2018-19