Value at Risk (VaR)

Current Asset Value
Annualized Actual Volatility in %
Confidence level (Symbol of Sigma)
Holding Period

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Methodology of Value at Risk (VaR)

VaR or Value at Risk measures maximum potential loss in value of an asset or portfolio over a defined period at a given confidence interval. VaR is used to estimate maximum downside risk of an investment.

Thus, if the VaR of an asset is Rs. 10 lakh for a week at 95% confidence level, then it means Rs. 10 lakh is the maximum potential loss expected during any given week in that asset at 95% confidence level. There is, however, a 5% chance that the value of the asset will change by more than Rs. 10 lakh during a week.

Underlying formula used for computation of VaR::

Market Value of the Asset * Confidence Factor * Volatility of the Holding Period



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