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  • What is Arbitration?
    Arbitration is a quasi judicial process of settlement of dispute between the trading members and clients, in respect of trades done on the Exchange. Arbitration aims at quicker legal resolution for the disputes. When one of the parties feels that the complaint has not been resolved satisfactory either by the other party or through the complaint resolution process of the Exchange, the parties may choose the route of arbitration.
  • Who can apply for arbitration?
    One of the parties to the dispute who wants legal remedy for remedy for resolving dispute could apply for arbitration. On other words clients, trading member can apply for arbitration.
  • Who are the persons and who can act as Arbitrators?
    The Exchange provides a list of eligible persons. Persons who form part of the list of Arbitrators are the ones who possess an expertise in their respective fields including banking, finance, legal (judges) and capital market areas (brokers).

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Education & Training

  • What is MCCP Certification?

    MCX Certified Commodity Professional (MCCP) is a certification programme for persons who want to gain an insight into trading in commodity futures; for those who want to trade or hedge in commodities; and for those who want to make a living working as a dealer or trader in a broking house or as a jobber or arbitrager.

    All members and dealers registered with MCX are mandated to have all their members/ dealers take MCCP examination or have at least one person in their office to have passed the MCCP examination (as per MCX circular no. MCX/423/2005).

  • How does one go about acquiring MCCP certification?
    Candidates are required to register online with MCX and be eligible to take the Online Test (OLT) after payment of the requisite fee. Successful candidates will be awarded the ‘MCCP Certificate’.
  • What are the benefits of participating in the MCCP programme?
    The participants in the MCCP programme will get the following benefits:
    • Get an insight into the commodity derivatives markets.
    • Understand the market dynamics.
    • Learn how to trade in commodity markets.
    • Understand price risk management strategies.
    • Understand the market operations.

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Market Operations

  • What is a warehouse?
    Warehouse means and includes any place of Storage, godown, warehouse tank, silos, storehouse, vault where the commodities traded on the Exchange are stored.
  • What is exchange accredited warehouses?
    Accredited warehouses means a warehouse approved and designated by the Exchange for making deliveries to and taking deliveries from for fulfilling contractual obligations resulting from transactions in commodity contracts executed on exchange platform.
  • Where shall deliveries take place?
    Deliveries shall take place in approved warehouses at Exchange designated delivery centres only as may be specified by the Exchange, from time to time in the contract specifications of a commodity.

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Technology & Services

  • What different connectivity modes are available for Members to trade on MCX platform?
    The different connectivity modes made available for a Member to trade on MCX platform are:
    • VSAT
    • Leased Circuit
    • Internet
  • What is VSAT?
    VSAT is the abbreviation for Very Small Aperture Terminal. It connects the member to the exchange via satellite link. Therefore connectivity on VSAT can be enabled in a shorter time frame even at remote locations
  • How does a member apply for a new VSAT connectivity?
    To apply for a new VSAT Connectivity, Member needs to submit the following documents to the Membership Department:
    • Validation Checklist and Application of new VSAT Equipment
    • VSAT Undertaking
    • Questionnaire for VSAT
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for installation of VSAT
    • Central Sales Tax / Local Sales Tax Declaration
    • Payment towards VSAT connectivity charges

    The above documents to be submitted on the Member’s Letter Head (wherever applicable) along with a rubber stamp / notarized and signature sought by the Authorized Signatory (wherever applicable).

    The Application for New VSAT can be found at Web Path: (Membership>Connectivity Requests >VSAT>Application for New VSAT) (One time payment) Web Path: (Membership>Connectivity Requests >VSAT >VSAT Connectivity facility on quarterly payment basis)

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