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  • Black pepper (Piper nigrum.) “King of Spices” is famously known as “Black Gold”. Botanically Pepper is a woody climbing vine and grows up to a height or length of 10 meters. The commercial part of the plant is fruit (Pepper berries). It is a native of southern India and grown commercially in South and Southeast Asia, as well as Brazil and Madagascar. It is also the most important spice traded internationally, accounting for some one-third of the total volume and value of spices trade. It is the whole dried fruit of a perennial climber, Piper nigrum Linn.
  • This black spice is one of the most important agricultural commodities of commerce and trade in India since pre-historic period. Kerala and Karnataka accounts for majority of the total Indian pepper production.
  • The major players in the value chain are Planters. Traders, Importers, Exporters, Processors, Wholesaler, Retailer, etc. who are exposed to price risk due to domestic & international factors. The value chain participants use MCX Pepper futures trading platform to ensure effective price discovery and price risk hedging.
  • India majorly imports Pepper from Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia and occasionally from Brazil. Largely, the pepper imported into the country is re -exported in form of Whole Black Pepper only. Some amount of imported Pepper is also used for making value-added products like oleoresins, pepper powder etc.
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Factors Influencing the Market

  • Domestic fundamentals
  • World production and exports
  • International trading price
  • Local and global demand
  • Year ending stocks and stock to consumption ratio
  • Time of arrival of new crop in the market
  • Climatic conditions

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