MCX is facilitating Members to trade in MCX by using Internet connectivity. Since Internet is less secure media as compared to dedicated connectivity (VSAT/Leased Circuit), MCX provides Juniper Network Connect secure remote software to the clients to connect to MCX in a secured way. MCX provides user name and password to the client for the secure remote software to authenticate with the Firewall. MCX also provides RSA Tokens for two factor authentication for secure trading.

MCX provides Internet based TWS as trading front end. Below are prerequisites at client’s end to connect to MCX via Internet:

  • PC with Dual Core Processor (i3 Generation), 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, Windows 2007
    • Operating system - Windows 2007
    • Dedicated Internet connection (Non proxy based connection)
    • Check point VPN Secure Remote Software (Provided by MCX, kept on MCXFTP server)
    • TWS software for Trading (Provided by MCX, kept on MCXFTP server)
    • Procurement of RSA Token

MCX provides Internet based Member Admin Terminal provided member does not have any other mode of connectivity except internet and is not availing CTCL facility.

RSA Tokens

Members, who are trading over Internet, essentially need to procure RSA tokens for two factor authentications to provide better and secure mode of connectivity for trading. Members shall be charged a sum of Rs. 4000/- per token (per user) towards the activation, maintenance and logistics of the RSA hardware token. After expiry date shown on the back of the token, same shall be re-validated and issued to members as per the applicable charges. Whenever user becomes inactive, the RSA hardware token can be re-validated for another user at a charge of Rs. 1500/- per token.

Refer circular a) Internet : MCX/019/2006 dated January 14, 2006 and MCX/395/2006 dated September 16, 2006 for RSA token: MCX/TECH/148/2008 dated April 23, 2008 , MCX/431/2005 dated December 21, 2005

Also for User ID charges refer circular no : MCX/010/2005 dated January 11, 2005 .

Technology Trust Factors

ISO 27001:2013

Information security Management Standard

Technology Trust Factors

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

Technology Trust Factors

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System

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