Registration of Software Vendors from Outside India

Independent Software Vendors from outside India (ISVOIs) providing trading solutions developed using Non FIX API / FIX API to trading member globally and are desirous of developing software for members of the Exchange may get registered with the Exchange as ISVOIs. Registering as ISVOI with the Exchange would enable the vendors to receive the API’s / technical specifications directly from the Exchange

Vendors desirous of being registered as ISVOI with the Exchange can refer to circular MCX/CTCL/252/2012 dated July 4, 2012

It should be noted that the software developed by ‘Registered ISVOIs’ will not be considered as empanelled with the Exchange. The procedure for providing approval to trading members for software procured from / developed by ‘Registered ISVOIs’ would be the same as the approval procedure for members procuring software from non-empanelled vendors / developing in-house software.

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ISO 27001:2013

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